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Our business consultation is a resource in the service industries in the local, state, federal and international sphere. We have been able to produce dynamic results in each sphere. We provide business plans, organizational analysis, and tax products. Our repertoire includes assisting start-up, strategy development, leader development, expansion advisement, and organizational structuring and efficiency. Receive results oriented high-quality professional services now. The company has produced outstanding results for several companies from small start-up companies through mid-size well-established companies.


What We Do



1. We provide mentoring and consulting services to improve the performance or organizational leaders and employees.

2. We formulate strategies and facilitate change to improve the efficiency and financial performance of your business.

3. We conduct an organizational analysis and provide suggestions to improve and strengthen your organizational structure and increase the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


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Dr. Don Brawley III

Dr. Claudette Morgan-Scott is a brilliant mind who has a unique ability to see and communicate big vision while ensuring the details needed for implementation are fully executed! If you’re looking for an innovator, communicator or visionary Dr. Morgan-Scott is your answer.

- Don Brawley Consultancy

Alton McCallum

Morgan Scott Management Consultants has the unique ability to interweave policy, legislation, foresight, sound business principles and good morals into your organization structure and vision to create a lasting formidable organization committed to your mission and vision.

- Insight Counseling Center


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