As we prepare to move into a new decade, it is exciting to see leaders emerging with renewed vision, focus, and strategies that will impact change globally. We are in the season of kingdom dominion, a divine takeover

THE VISION 2020 CONFERENCE is designed to provide training, strategies, and tools to assist 21st-century leaders to develop your vision. Pastors, ministers, leaders in the corporate world and entrepreneurs are welcomed. We will break the glass ceiling that has cause stagnation to your vision. This conference will set you on the path to acceleration. Your passion for your assignment will be ignited, ensuring that you will be empowered for great success in building your ministry or business.

You do not want to miss this one-day empowerment conference; the concepts and models that will be provided are priceless. You will get the opportunity to network with other leaders and business owners. Space is limited, BOOK NOW, the conference fee is only $39, lunch will be provided. Invest in yourself and your team and prepare for your next season. Call (254) 226-0503 for group rates of 5 or more people.


It all started when…

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